Mendy-5IFPA Bikini Pro, Mendy Lynn, is a Certified Personal Trainer at Laser Sharp Fitness.  Known as "Coach Mendy Lynn," she believes regular gym attendance, customized nutrition, and consistency are three vital and necessary habits for significant and long term fitness success. This is true for both men and women.

"I am here for the people who need strength and encouragement to stay consistent over time. Consistency is key for the body (physical workouts), mind and body (nutrition), and spirit (doing what counts now- regardless of how you feel- so you can enjoy rewards long term).  Humans are three parts and when one part is neglected there is an imbalance. All three must be healthy and on track. This is important for success at all levels of fitness."

Also an IFPA Pro athlete, Mendy Lynn has prepared for bodybuilding competitions and stage events multiple times. In August 2013, at the IFPA Pro Masters Galaxy Elite, in Troy, Alabama, she qualified for the Yorton Cup held in Amherst, Massachusetts, October 2013, the signature show of the year. Achieving her goal, she now enjoys working with others who have similar dreams.  She has experience preparing competitors for stage and gets excited about helping others get there.

Mendy-3If your goal is to prepare for the stage of a fitness competition, contact IFPA Pro & C.P.T. Mendy Lynn at Laser Sharp Fitness.
If your fitness goals are simply to get in shape or to compete at a professional level, Coach Mendy Lynn can help you get there.

Phone: 913-548-5994 (Texts are welcome!)